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Straight Barbells

Straight barbells are straight rings, nothing is easiest. They are almost used everywhere on the body. You can see them on a bridge piercing-type, a nipple piercing but also at the eyebrow or worn as an earring. Of small size, these jewellery can be used on a tragus piercing, but it is mainly for the tongue piercing that we find it (usually in size 14G x 16mm).

Product Line

  • Straight Industrial

    Industrial Straight Barbell 316L Steel 1.2mm/16G Ring w/ Two BallsIndustrial Straight Barbell 316L Steel 1.6mm/14G Ring w/ Two BallsGold Anodized Industrial Barbell 316L Steel 14G Ring w/ Balls
  • Straight Nipple

    Two Balls Surgical Steel Basic Nipple Piercing Barbell RingTwo Balls Round 316L Steel Rounder Nipple Piercing RingGold Anodized Nipple Barbell Ring w/ Balls

    The nipple piercing is probably the sexiest piercing. We can wear straight barbell-type jewellery but also segment rings and circular barbells. There are also special jewellery...

  • Straight Tongue

    Standard 316L Surgical Steel Tongue Bar RingWhite Acrylic Tongue Bar RingRainbow Anodized Tongue Bar Ring w/ Balls

    The tongue piercing is an extremely popular bodypiercing. The type of jewel that we mostly wear is the straight barbell in size 14G and with balls at the ends. However,...

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