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Curved Barbells

Curved barbells are a special case of barbell rings because instead of being straight, they have a curved shape. These body-piercing rings are particularly adapted for eyebrow piercings but they can also be used on a bridge piercing or even as earrings. Of larger sizes, these jewellery are also the standard of the navel piercing.

Product Line

  • Curved Belly Button

    Bioflex Blackline Black Belly Bar Navel Button RingBelly Bar Navel Button Ring w/ Balls & White Crystal StrassStandard 316L Surgical Steel Belly Bar Navel Button Ring

    The navel piercing is a bodypiercing that we can see very often, especially among women. This piercing is usually done in size 14G and this are bananas jewellery that we will...

  • Curved Eyebrow

    Eyebrow Curved Bar 316L Surgical Steel Ring w/ Two BallsBlack Anodized Eyebrow Curved Bar Blackline Ring w/ SpikesEyebrow Curved Bar 316L Surgical Steel Ring w/ Two Spikes

    The eyebrow piercing is a body-piercing which is located at the end of the eyebrow, or else a little more towards the middle. We mostly use bananabell piercings but we also see...

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