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VotrePiercing.co.uk offers you the best body-piercing jewellery at low prices. We take great care to all orders in order to please you.

SIRET: 514 303 973 00036

Head Office

21 boulevard Pablo Neruda
13920 Saint-Mitre-les-Remparts

Returns Address

1 lotissement le Georges Carretier
34210 Olonzac


OVH France SAS
2 rue Kellermann
59100 Roubaix

High Quality Body-Piercing Jewellery

We guarantee you that no one of our jewellery contains nickel and that all our jewellery respect the european and U.S. standards.


We thank the users of DeviantArt who gave us permission to use their photos in order to illustrate information articles and categories of VotrePiercing.co.uk. Please find below the categories list with a link to the DeviantArt gallery of each participant. Regarding information articles, credits are directly under each photo.

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