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Intimate or Genital Female Body-Piercing

Genital female body-piercing is a very particular intimate piercing which deserves to be looked into and for which it would be interesting to analyse its role in the actual society. The oldest records that we have from this practice go back to antiquity. It was back in the Romanian empire that the act of piercing the feminine sex appeared in the purpose to seal the vagina and therefore avoid sexual relationships between slaves. In the actual society, this piercing became more common in the 70s mainly vie the bondage and SM culture and practices. In this article, we will first see why this piercing differentiates from other corporal modifications but also from the other types of piercings. We will enumerate at this occasion the motivations which can lead a woman to pierce her sex.

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Genital Female Piercing and Aestheticism

Genital female piercing model
Photo: d1s4st3r

The aesthetic aspect is a key element in the role of the genital female body-piercing. As for all other piercings, there is a will to improve the visual aspect of the body, for the beauty of the jewel. The body is transformed from a state of pure flesh to the state of "piece of art". The raw naked body, i.e. without any human intervention, has become too common in our actual society. The body-piercing and the corporal modifications in general give back to the body its unique aspect and therefore helps it to be differentiated from others bodies. This preoccupation for aestheticism and differentiation is very important for women, as seen with make-up, hairstyle, clothes etc. The genital piercing is then the continuation of those aesthetic processes, while for man it is more a symbolic sign of an adhesion to an ideology, a religion or used to communicate something mystical. It is for the woman a mean to accentuate her femininity and to reappropriate her body, as she would do with any other mean of differentiation. Improve the body's aesthetic aspect is the main purpose of the genital piercing for the woman.

Genital Female Piercing and Sexuality

Even if the aesthetic aspect plays a large role, the second motivation in the decision to do a genital piercing is the search for a better sexual pleasure. The genital female piercing would be capable of arousing extraordinary sensations. We speak of course of increased stimulation and pleasure during the sexual act, but also of unique and constant sensations. For instance, a clitoral hood piercing is said to stimulate constantly (the clitoris itself is rarely pierced nowadays because it seems too risky, there is a too important probability of total desensitisation). The piercing which go horizontally through the hood, is said, in addition of constant pleasures, to also add unique sensations unreachable otherwise. On the other hand, piercings to labia minora or labia majora play more of an aesthetic role. Socially, when there is a sexual purpose, the genital female piercing becomes the symbol of the modern woman. It gives more importance to the sexual pleasure of the woman than to her reproductive role. In fact, this piercing is in some kinds what separate the woman from the mother in the same body. This piercing is too the symbol and the act of the reappropriation of the body. The woman who wears such a piercing becomes more independent (she has the control of her sex) and thereby becomes a women who transgresses the codes of the masculine domination. So, this piercing is in the direct continuation of the woman emancipation in our society.

Genital Female Piercing and Pain

Every corporal modification is painful, and this pain generated during the act is very important, particularly when the purpose is to mark a certain point in one's life; to create a before and an after, like a sort of ritual. The pain is often wanted, and it's common to hear "I want that piercing, but I also want the pain which goes with it!". In the case of a genital female piercing, it goes without saying that the pain will play a role even more important since the pain itself is more intense than with other piercings. Whatever the motivation that the woman has to do the piercing, she will be even more influenced than with another piercing. That pain can therefore have an effect of catharsis, that's to say that it will evacuate physically the past to welcome the new and the future of the concerned person. A real exchange then happens between what the person doesn't want to be anymore, and what she is willing to become. So, the genital female piercing will leave a strong mark in mind through its intense pain. A pain that will help the person to construct itself, whatever its motivations. That pain can also be desired in order to reach a high level of consciousness and thus to "awaken", once again in comparison to the other situations that one can find himself into in the actual society. There are obvious similarities with the bondage and SM culture, in which the pain in provoked in order to liberate a flow of endorphin that will finally become pleasure. The female genital piercing can thereby be motivated by the search for intense pain, taking into consideration the narrow link that exists between good and evil, the pain and the pleasure it brings.

Genital Female Piercing as a Secret to Share

The fact that the genital female piercing is a hidden piercing, which is not directly shown to the others, makes it a secret that the woman who wears it is the only one to know. However, she is free to share her secret with whoever she wants and thus to transmit to her sexual partner, for example, all the expression of her personal identity. Upon discovery, this piercing plays a very important and surprising role. The woman expresses thus to the other her values, her sexual needs or any other motivation that led her to wear this piercing. Usually, what the piercing will reveal over all, is the barrier that we mentioned, the one that separates the woman looking for pleasure from the reproductive mother. When she shows her piercing, she will therefore generally use it as a defense toward the masculine domination, wearing on herself all the symbol of her emancipation.

We can now see that the genital female piercing is a very particular jewel. In most cases, it is done for aesthetic purpose or in the search for a deepest sexuality but this the pain which can also be a motivator. This piercing usually requires the consent of the sexual partner since it will radically change the relationship of the couple. In the same spirit, we could also look at the nipple piercing and at the tongue piercing which are both half hidden and half shown.

Complementary Information About Genital Female Piercing

Healing time for genital piercings is approximately 2 to 4 months and they require particular precautions. As we said before, most piercers will refuse to pierce directly the clitoris because there is a risk of desensitization, even if the exact opposite can occur! This is then double or quits!
Most common genital female piercings are vertical clitoral hood piercing or horizontal (called “triangle”) and the labia minor or major piercing.

You will find here a list of all genital female piercings with their descriptions and technical explanations like healing time or type of jewel which can be worn (Comming soon).

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