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Tongue Piercing

You've been thinking it through for a long time, yet you still hesitate to pierce your tongue? Here is an article that will tell you more about this piercing. Does it hurt? How does it happen? What about the healing?.. If by any chance you still have questions after reading this, do not hesitate to ask them!

Tongue piercing
Photo: ew-cia

First of all, you should know that if you follow correctly the advices of your piercer and clean correctly, any risk of infection or complication will stay very low. Don't pierce your tongue just "to be attractive" you might regret it soon after! So give it a good thought.

Sequence of the Tongue Piercing

How does it happen? For a tongue piercing, it's advised to remain sit while being pierced. You will have to stick out your tongue after a mouthwash and allow it to rest, avoiding contractions, just stay relax and it will go fine! The piercer will then mark two dots on your tongue (after drying it with a cloth) with a pen in order to guide the needle. Then, he will grab his forceps, don't be scared!

Sexy tongue piercing
Photo: lobotomiie

The forceps ends with kinds of rings. The piercer will place your tongue so that the dots are in the center of these rings. That way, the tongue is maintained to ease the laying. Finally, the piercer will proceed to the piercing with a needle specially made for this purpose and will insert the first jewel. This first jewel is generally made of a flexible plastic bar with two little surgical steel balls. You will quickly notice that the bar is rather big. That's due to the fact that your tongue is going to swell for a few days (from two days to two weeks), but since it's made of plastic, you will be able to shorten it as your tongue gets back to normal size.

And there you go! It takes less than five minutes! You will do another mouthwash and you tongue may bleed a little. Usually, it's not really painful, maybe just a little bit at the laying of the jewel. It's important that during all these stages you make sure that all tools used are used for the first time (they should still be in their plastic bag) and that the piercer uses fresh new gloves too!

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Tongue piercing 3
Photo: Kristuzhe

Healthcare of the Tongue Piercing

What then? If you smoke, then you should enjoy your last cigarette just before starting, because for a tongue piercing you won't be able to smoke for two or three hours afterwards. Also, don't drink alcohol, it will burn and make your tongue swell! Then, for several hours after having been pierced, it will hurt when you speak, and for the next few days you will have a lisp...During this period, the less you will solicit your tongue, the better it will be! Regarding the food, you should go on a liquid/limp diet (mush, soup, etc.) you can also eat harder stuffs if you put them deep inside your mouth to chew them. Avoid spicy food. If it really hurts, you can appease the pain using ice or just cold water.

Tongue piercing 2
Photo: Lithium31

Healing of the Tongue Piercing

Total healing should last up to six weeks. Here is what you usually need to take care of:
- Mouthwash (without alcohol) after each meal or cigarette (in the first days).
- One to three pills like "Extranase", in the morning, at noon and in the evening: in order to lessen the swelling and appease the pain.
- One copper dose before lunch and dinner, that you will keep under your tongue for five minutes before swallowing (use two whole boxes).

You must also have a very good buccal hygiene. Brush your teeth! Oh and by the way, on the first week, please go easy on passionate kisses!

If you follow strictly the advices of your piercer you should be able to change your surgical jewel for a real jewel within two or three weeks.

At last, after every new jewel purchase, clean it with your mouthwash product. Do never put somebody else's jewel!

We hope that this information article answered your questions, but if it is not the case, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Does anyone happen to know where I can get that ring in the picture the one that's a loop I love it



I have had my tongue pierced for 6 weeks now.
Before I got my new bar, my swelling was completely down, and had zero signs of infection.
I bought a ring from a local piercing shop on a mall. (Body Jewl) And mind you this is my very first tongue piercing. I changed my bar after cleaning everything really well. But to me my new bar makes my tongue feel swollen... But when I ask my husband or one of my friends they will say no, and that my voice is normal. think maybe it feels swollen because this is my first shorter bar, and it feels weird. Or just because I'm not used to it yet. Do you think that this could just be what's going on? Or is it something worse.....?

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